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Biomechanical Assessement

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will evaluate your strength, flexibility, body structure, and running gait. This will give your coach a clear picture of your abilities and how to use them to your advantage.


Your coach will monitor your progress with the VDOT O2 app as well as meet with you personally, so you get the most out of your training.

Professional Partnerships

We offer services from a team of professionals that are dedicated to getting you to peak performance. With our combination of dietetics, strength coaching, sports psychology, and exercise physiology you will be unstoppable.


Web-based coaching programs work well for many runners but are disadvantaged in that they cannot asses strength, flexibility, body morphology, and running gait in person. With our hybrid approach you will not only be able to communicate with your coach and upload biometric data through the VDOT 02 app, but you will also receive in-person coaching and evaluations that give your training the attention it deserves

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