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Our reputation speaks for itself!
  • S. Daly

    I want to thank all of the people at Optimum for the wonderful care they gave me during my recovery from a total hip and knee replacement. I also recommended my son-in-law and he was just as pleased. Thank you very much!

  • The Fisher Family

    Glenn and Jessica, Thanks for all of your time and effort with Brianna. We couldn’t have asked for a better recovery and we all appreciate the care you both took with her! Now she is back on the volleyball court and is excited for track to start soon. Thanks again!

  • Robert K.

    After three and a half years in the fitness program at Optimum Physical Therapy, I have to thank Glenn Venturini and the staff as my quality of life has improved both physically and mentally. Through the exercise program, my mobility has improved and my back pain has been reduced greatly.

  • C.Bourke

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciated a friend’s (C.W.) insistence that I head to Optimum for my therapy after total hip replacement. In addition to the therapy being top rate, I sincerely enjoyed the supportive atmosphere and individual attention that Carolyn created as a part of her program.

  • R. Sultzer

    Two years ago, I had a total right hip replacement and recently had the other hip replaced. After each replacement I had extensive physical therapy with Glenn at Optimum Physical Therapy which was very successful. During the course of my rehab, the ongoing theme was for Optimum to understand my personal goals and continually monitor me and drive me to meet those goals.

  • J. Davis

    Glenn Venturini at Optimum Physical Therapy (OPT) goes above and beyond routine physical therapy treatment. While I was given a prescription by my orthopod for shoulder tendonitis, Glenn determined at the initial evaluation that there was a cervical spine component to my injury.