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"Optimum Physical Therapy supported, encouraged, and empowered me to take on the significant challenge of recovering from major orthopedic surgery. I had the pleasure of working with Olivia. She took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, understanding not only the physical aspects of my injury but also the emotional and mental toll it took on me. At each session Olivia demonstrated a remarkable blend of compassion and motivation. She pushed me to my limits while always being mindful of my comfort and safety. Her encouragement and positive reinforcement were instrumental in keeping me focused and motivated, even on the toughest days. She didn't just guide me through exercises; she also provided valuable education on proper techniques, lifestyle adjustments, and practices to ensure a successful recovery and long-term health. I now feel stronger, more confident, and better equipped to tackle whatever challenges come my way. If you're looking for physical therapists who go above and beyond, look no further than Optimum PT. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Optimum and especially Olivia by my side throughout this journey."
Feb 06, 2024
"I have had PT, over the years, at numerous locations. Optimum has far exceeded my expectation of results with any previous PT program. The staff is very knowledgeable. They establish a program for patients according to their needs. The program can change if needed based on progress or pain. I have improved so much, even the ability to walk without a walker. I have used a walker for a number of years. I highly recommend Optimum PT."
Jan 30, 2023
"Last summer I went to Optimum/Swarthmore to get strength training for prostate cancer treatment and to deal with an arthritis found in my right hip. A complicating factor for my PT was my spinal stenosis which affected my right leg, which is something my therapist had to work around. I received a great set of exercises throughout my several weeks of sessions which provided excellent strength training while avoiding exacerbating my stenosis. These exercises I now do at home about 5 days per week taking about 40 minutes per session. I really value these and expect to carry them into my ongoing senior years. Still doing them several months after my sessions ended. Thanks Optimum!"
Jan 17, 2023
"On the scale of 1-5 I give them a 10. They are very friendly and professional they know just what is right for you. BEST thing is that they listen to you if one exercise is hurting they will talk it over and need be either stop it or find a alternative exercise. I’ve been to at least 5/6 different places and they are by far the best. From the front desk with Katie and Paul friendly and don’t get upset if something goes wrong. I had Jamie in the past and he is great right now I have Talia and she is excellent. My recommendation is go to them first and I’ll bet you will look no further. "
Jun 03, 2022
"Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly . Have received very good results from the treatment plan that was suggested. Would reccomend them highly! "
Mar 27, 2021
"After the pandemic forced me into an ill-suited chair to work from my dining room, my shoulder became so inflamed I had trouble putting on a belt, washing my hair with my dominant arm, and could no longer play baseball with my son. In under 3 months, I was able to regain the function, and throw batting practice for my son's baseball team. The Optimum team is organized, communicated my progress and treatment strategy clearly, and allowed me to get back to where I was before the injury.....if only they could make the pandemic go away!"
Sep 16, 2020
Aug 06, 2020
"After practicing for over 25 years in NY and Pennsylvania Roger and his staff are by far the most professional and comprehensive physical therapists i have come to know. I use Roger Collins for my own sports injuries and my family has utilized him for various issues. As a chiropractor i have referred him many happy patients for extremity issues. Many as a alternative to surgery and some as rehabilitation after. They are always happy with his demeanor as well as his results. Thank you Roger!"
Mar 03, 2020
"A very friendly atmosphere. A very positive experience. Roger is definitely an expert in his field. I highly recommend Roger and his staff. "
Feb 04, 2020
"Great personal attention feeling the best after left there place"
Feb 04, 2020
"The most friendly and personable service with the highest level of expertise. I highly recommend Roger and his team at Optimum PT. "
Feb 04, 2020
"I am so grateful for Chuck and his workers here at Optimum. I have a knee replacement with over 8 months of problems and Chuck has been phenomenal. He takes pride in his work. He is compassionate and patient. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs Physical Therapy!!!!+"
Oct 18, 2019
"Excellent treatment, would recommend Optimum to anyone. I had a fairly extensive recovery over a period of a few months, and I feel I definitely got outstanding care. The office has a great spirit and sense of optimism about being healthy."
May 25, 2019
"I worked with Glenn and he was outstanding. I could not have been more satisfied with the experience. Glenn is thoughtful in his approach and fun to work with. When you come to Optimum PT - you are in good hands."
May 24, 2019
"Optimum has been a family affair for us. Both using services for separate applications a few years apart. Results same-same on both occasions. Highly satisfied with services: procedures, explanations and applications effective. Hope we don't wreck anything else, but should that happen, we'll be back to Optimum for required repairs."
Apr 28, 2019
"I had an ugly crush ankle injury from a heavy horse (not broken). Once cleared from the ortho surgeon , I found optimum through google search based on location (only a few mins from my house). I am happy to say , thank you Optimum for a painless experience helping get through my pain and uncertainty. A chipper environment was made by Fred, young lady who had a great Elmo costume for Halloween (apologies, your name slipped my mind), Trish, Chuck and Dakota. They were great working together as a team to provide individual attention while advising multiple patients at once. The facility is very clean, relaxed and plays good music. Frank Sinatra in the morning...but it varies. Dr. Fred is a wonderful PT with an even better attitude who seems to really take pride in his work and patients. He was a confidence builder while providing expertise on a healing plan. The best part about coming in around 7am is that my body left feeling better and more confidence on my ankle. Fred perfectly handled the injury through hands on treatment which relieved pain and the program he created strengthened my ankle to full running ability within a 2 month period. I looked forward to going to PT to improve my ankle. I think the motivation and confidence that Fred provides for his patients can translate to better healing. He once said “there’s no time at PT” possibly meaning it’s a time consuming process that should be done properly which can take a significant amount of time. Also the amount of time you put in is a determinant of your success in the program... This was rewarding because I’ve regained full use of my ankle and look forward to continuing somewhat intense sport hobbies . Although I hope and pray that I don’t have another injury... I’m sure life has a few more in store. If the occasion arises, I will be back at Optimum PT West Chester."
Dec 06, 2018
"Dan and Glen were great pts and helped me heal and improve my range of motion. I continue to do the exercises here in my home in Florida."
Dec 07, 2017
"Everyone at Optimum was so nice and made me feel at ease and the therapists are so knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Optimum to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Oct 04, 2017
"Everyone had already said that Optimum PT was the best around. I can only agree. I've had PT once before and my experience was very different this time. After working with two excellent therapists, Craig Fava and Dan Safford, I am now back to my normal activity...pain free! I especially liked the friendly, warm and caring atmosphere that permiates the serious work everyone there is doing. Thank you so much! I have joined the ranks of those saying you're the best!"
Jul 21, 2017
"Had a very positive and beneficial experience at Optimum! Rehab after Rotator cuff surgery required incremental steps toward rebuilding strength ang range of motion and Daniel Stafford took care to explain and execute the process.I was always supplied with appropriate bands to continue exercises at home.I have already recommended Optimum to my neighbor and would continue to guide anyone to the expert service provided by Glenn and his staff."
Apr 28, 2017
"I had known about Glenn Venturini and his PT and community services for years. After knee surgery recently I went to Glenn and he was a fantastic therapist as well as "cheerleader" in encouraging me to get back to running when it was difficult. We worked together on a lot of issues and it has hopefully got me back to a better and more proficient runner. Thanks Glenn!"
Apr 24, 2017
"My husband and I have benefitted from the services of Glenn Venturini at Optimum several times in the last 10 years or so. We have returned to our lives in better condition and pain free each time. Glenn is very professional and knows how to have fun along the way. He has a way of making you feel like you are the only person in the room when you are there. We would recommend this team very highly! They are the best in Delco!!"
Apr 13, 2017
"Optimum PT is the place to come if you have a mechanical injury. I've been here over five times over many years. All the therapists are very good: courteous and professional, but I'm partial to Glen because he knows ART and I find that to be a wonderful thing. I recommend Optimum to anyone who asks me and if (when?) I get another injury, I will be back."
Mar 29, 2017
"Went to optimum for the great personal care. Craig really cares about how you are recovering and doesn't rush you through your rehab."
Mar 23, 2017
"Glenn Venturini is a master of the highest caliber who joins his extraordinary talents with a wonderful ability to connect with people and create a healing and enjoyable experience throughout Optimum's space. Both the healing and the connections with Glenn, his colleagues and other patients create profoundly helpful incentives to keep coming back and keep doing as he recommends, which of course promotes healing. His collaborative, non-judgemental but firm approach has done wonders for me after a less than satisfactory experience elsewhere. He also referred me to a wonderful new Sport Medicine doctor, Dr. Duprey at Healthplex. I am so grateful to be fully set in this area of my life! If you have any questions, I'd be glad to speak with you (ask the office for my contact info)."
Mar 23, 2017
"Excellent team at Optimum. The facility is comfortable with a caring engaged team working with you to get you back in the game. Glenn and the entire crew are the best!"
Mar 23, 2017
"Great practice"
Feb 20, 2017
"Great place, great staff, very friendly, got me back on the field back to where i was"
Nov 16, 2015


“I want to thank all of the people at Optimum for the wonderful care they gave me during my recovery from a total hip and knee replacement. I also recommended my son-in-law and he was just as pleased. Thank you very much!”

S. Daly

“Glenn and Jessica, Thanks for all of your time and effort with Brianna.  We couldn’t have asked for a better recovery and we all appreciate the care you both took with her! Now she is back on the volleyball court and is excited for track to start soon. Thanks again!”

The Fisher Family

“After three and a half years in the fitness program at Optimum Physical Therapy, I have to thank Glenn Venturini and the staff as my quality of life has improved both physically and mentally. Through the exercise program, my mobility has improved and my back pain has been reduced greatly.”

Robert K.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated a friend’s (C.W.) insistence that I head to Optimum for my therapy after total hip replacement. In addition to the therapy being top rate, I sincerely enjoyed the supportive atmosphere and individual attention that Carolyn created as a part of her program.  I felt that she was very intent on providing a program that dealt with my specific impairments.  Optimum seemed a little like a “Cheers” equivalent of a physical therapy facility and it is nice to go to therapy where “everyone knows your name.”  I would return to Optimum if I ever needed physical therapy in the future. Thanks so much.  Wishing you all great successes!”


“I finished 6 weeks of physical therapy for a broken foot with Carolyn.  When I first got off of crutches, I wasn’t going to bother with physical therapy, thinking my foot would get stronger on it’s own. It didn’t! Carolyn was able to identify where the problems were, worked with me, and gave me exercises to strengthen my foot so I could walk properly again. She was great! The entire experience of going to Optimum was a positive one.  It is a very friendly and caring place.”

M. Cahill

“Two years ago, I had a total right hip replacement and recently had the other hip replaced. After each replacement I had extensive physical therapy with Glenn at Optimum Physical Therapy which was very successful. During the course of my rehab, the ongoing theme was for Optimum to understand my personal goals and continually monitor me and drive me to meet those goals.
The general environment at Optimum is healing in itself. The atmosphere is friendly, casual and supportive and yet very professional. I would recommend Optimum to anyone.”

R. Sultzer

“Glenn Venturini at Optimum Physical Therapy (OPT) goes above and beyond routine physical therapy treatment. While I was given a prescription by my orthopod for shoulder tendonitis, Glenn determined at the initial evaluation that there was a cervical spine component to my injury. I was surprised by this as my orthopod had not addressed my cervical spine during my visit. Due to Glenn’s evaluation, I had an MRI of my cervical spine that confirmed his analysis.
Glenn is genuinely concerned for his patient’s health.  He is very attentive, focused and is excellent at determining the problem at hand. He prescribes the correct exercise and therapies to improve my injury- and he does it all with a great sense of humor to boot!”

J. Davis

“Coming off double knee replacement, Optimum Physical Therapy (OPT) came highly recommended if I wanted to regain full use of my knees. In my initial meeting with OPT, the focus was on personal interest in me and my goals/expectations. It was not just my body that was stretched, but my goals as well, as I was encouraged to get back to where I was before the pain, not just before the operation.

It was immediately obvious that I was more than only a potential client; and that OPT was genuinely concerned with me getting the correct therapy in a caring and understanding manner. The time spent in explaining why certain treatments were done (and being able to inflict smile and inflict “pain” at the same time) is a rare talent that did not go unnoticed.
In summary, if you are serious about getting better, use OPT.”

F. Podrebarac

“Since first introduced to Optimum Physical Therapy, I have received high-quality, compassionate and individually-focused therapy from Glenn Venturini.

Glenn not only enabled me to recover from a serious illness, he correctly diagnosed a pulmonary embolism while I was recovering. During my rehab, Glenn and his staff patiently and perseveringly provided a straight-forward approach to my extensive need for physical therapy. I actually had to learn to walk again.

Today, I participate in an individualized physical therapy maintenance program under Glenn’s direction and I am forever grateful for his expertise, care, nudging, and support. I can’t forget to note that Optimum Therapy is one of the friendliest physical therapy treatment centers you’ll ever find. It’s truly a place of wellness for all.”

N. Nash

“A rehab program that stands up to its name – optimum individualized, productive therapy by committed and caring professionals. After a six week program, my surgeon rated my progress as “fantastic.

Thanks Optimum, and thanks to Jessica especially for her help.  I highly recommend this group without reservation.”

Mary D.

“When my primary physician sent me to you, I was skeptical as to the validity of physical therapy treatment. I had severe stabbing pain in my left elbow upper arm and shoulder area. As a result of our first meeting and your fact gathering technique, I began therapy. After seven sessions, the pain, which was severe in the beginning, was gone.

Glenn, your physical therapy treatment for me was the best thing that could have happened. The pain is gone, and my treatment is complete. I am a much happier and relieved individual as a result of your treatment.”

R. Kitchen

“I have happily and confidently recommended you folks to anyone over the past two years who has mentioned a need for physical therapy.

My experiences at Optimum for both shoulder rehabs were always excellent. I greatly appreciated the care, professionalism, competence, and friendly atmosphere of Glenn, and everyone in the office. The fact that I am fortunate to have no shoulder issues today is, I think, due in large part to the skill, knowledge and concern of Glenn in particular and Optimum in general.”

A. Costanz