Fitness Program (Swarthmore Location)

Fitness Program | Optimum Physical Therapy Associates

Your Path to Optimal Wellness and Recovery Starts Here

At Optimum Physical Therapy Associates, we're redefining fitness with our exclusive membership offering. As a renowned physical therapy practice, we're excited to introduce a unique opportunity:

  • Access our facility as your personal gym with a monthly membership.
  • Enjoy specialized equipment that goes beyond traditional gyms, including advanced tools for strength training, joint mobility, recovery, and soft tissue mobilization.
  • Experience the benefits of our state-of-the-art Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) using SmartCuffs 4.0, allowing for targeted muscle growth and reduced joint stress.
  • Benefit from the guidance of our expert physical therapists, who are available on-site to provide support and advice for your fitness journey.


The following equipment is available for use by our fitness members at no extra cost:

  • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy cuffs
  • Normatec Recovery Device
  • Neckslevel Device
  • TRX equipment
  • Rogue squat rack and barbell, pull-up bar, and bumper plates
  • Massage guns, foam rollers, TigerTail
  • Cold packs, hot packs, TENS/NMES devices
  • Stretchout straps, resistance bands, and Flexbars
  • Leg extension and curl machine, Power Tower
  • Dumbells, Kettlebells, and ankle weights
  • Plyoboxs, agility ladder, rebounder, 8" and 12" hurdles
  • Cardio equipment

Membership Pricing

$70/month to experience a wealth of fitness benefits. Join us today and invest in your well-being.

Open Hours Calendar

The hours open to fitness members are posted on the calendar below. Hours open for fitness may change based on staff availability, but we try to finalize the calendar two weeks in advance so you can plan appropriately.

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