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  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy: We are experts in Orthopedic Physical Therapy utilizing manual therapy, modalities, exercises and pain science education to help you achieve your specific goals. Our Physical Therapists have a variety of clinical experiences and although we are a small business we have an impressive array of additional education including multiple Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists, Residency Trainings, dual Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainer Certification, university professors, adjunct professors, additional teaching/education degrees (MS, MAT, PhD), and multiple continuing education certifications.
  • Other benefits of choosing Optimum Physical Therapy include:

    • We promote a friendly and fun environment.
    • Option to schedule with the same Physical Therapist on repeating visits.
    • Convenient hours of operation.
    • Convenient free parking.
    • Business owners work on-site and are active members of the communities we serve.
    • We are completely independent from hospitals and corporate systems and work with all Physicians and other healthcare professional in the area.
    • Cash treatment programs available.
    • When needed, our communications to physicians are fast and efficient.
    • We will teach you how to help yourself to avoid further injuries.
  • Throwing Analysis: The art of throwing involves a unique integration of strength, flexibility, core control, proprioceptive coordination, and proper mechanics. Each year, numerous athletes fall victim to shoulder and/or elbow injuries due to deficits in one or more of these areas. For the past 20 years, Roger Collins has worked successfully with players at all levels of address these issues, rehab their injuries and return them to play in a manner that improves performance and reduces future problems. Programs are constructed to address the needs of each individual based on the specific findings related to his or her condition. Mechanical assessments are performed and activities are developed to help eliminate dysfunctional movements. The ultimate goal is to leave each player physically prepared to perform efficiently and optimize their time on the field.
  • IASTM: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a treatment for soft tissue dysfunction. Soft tissues could include muscle, scar, tendon, fascia and/or neurodynamic dysfunctions. The therapist utilizes an ergonomic tool to identify a restricted soft tissue and release it. Depending on the therapist's intention, the "release" may involve muscle inhibition, muscle activation, breaking down or remodeling of fibrosis/scar tissue, increasing blood flow to the affected area, and/or providing a novel stimulus that helps to change pain perception. Our clinics utilize Hawkgrips and Graston tools.
  • Running/gait analysis: A video running analysis can provide a runner with information that can help identify bio-mechanical faults, cadence frequency and breathing rhythm. Moreover, we combine data from the video analysis with a thorough review of your medical history, training program dosage, musculoskeletal evaluation and your goals. If necessary, recommendations are made to enhance gait efficiency, correct bio mechanical faults, improve strength, flexibility and training which can lead to improved performance and reduce the risk of injury. Please call our office to schedule your appointment today.
  • Fitness (West Chester office): Our fitness program is designed by a licensed physical therapist to meet the individual needs of each patient. It enables you to continue improving strength, endurance, and flexibility even after you’ve reached your rehabilitation goals through formal physical therapy. In West Chester, we have a certified personal trainer who trains clients at our facility but will also train clients at various locations in the community and in their homes. Monique Bertrando owns her own business, My Training Time, LLC. She has a passion for motivating and helping others live a healthier and happier life. She thoroughly enjoys training various populations such as athletes, kids, adults with physical limitations and group fitness. Monique incorporates all forms of exercise into the routine from focusing on interval and strength training to balance and core stability. The mission at My Training Time, LLC is to promote healthy, active lifestyles and provide safe and effective health and fitness education to populations of all levels. Monique’s goal is to empower you and help you realize your strengths, both mentally and physically. She strives to motivate you with a positive and encouraging energy in a convenient, inviting, non-intimidating facility and environment.
  • Post-concussive syndrome: A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist. A patient’s care may include central vestibular training, balance training, activity modification, and preparation for return to sport or activities of daily living.
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is used to treat conditions such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and organ prolapse. Our therapists can also assist with post-partum recovery and addressing diastasis recti abdominis.