Roger Collins, PT, MPT, MBA

Roger Collins

For over 13 years, Roger Collins has served the West Chester community by providing outpatient orthopedic and sports physical therapy as well as helping athletes to improve performance and avoid injury.

Since 1999, Roger has developed a specialized clinical practice in shoulder rehabilitation, particularly as it relates to the demands of the throwing athlete. He has been recruited to provide instruction in the shoulder and throwing biomechanics and for shoulder rehabilitation and conditioning techniques at various professional seminars.

Roger graduated in 1998 from the University of Delaware with a Master’s in Physical Therapy, where he received the Scholarship Award in recognition of his outstanding academic performance. He also holds a Bachelor of Sciences in finance and a Master’s in Business Administration, both from the University of Maryland.

Prior to entering the physical therapy profession, Roger worked as a business consultant and was a small business owner in the real estate industry. After earning his Masters in Physical Therapy, he began his work in outpatient physical therapy. One year later, he became the director of a large orthopedic and sports physical therapy facility in West Chester.

In 2010 Roger partnered with Chuck Garfinkle and Optimum to form Optimum’s office in West Chester, PA. He is currently engaged in further refining shoulder and elbow rehabilitation as well as exploring the role played by imbalances in the kinetic chain in injury and performance deficits. In addition, he enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic pathologies among a diverse population and strives to customize rehabilitation programs to satisfy individual needs.

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