Major League Treatment with a Small Town Feel

Getting you back in action.

Welcome to Optimum Physical Therapy Associates

We are a team of Physical Therapists - health care professionals with extensive training to diagnose and treat movement dysfunctions.

We use this training to enable healing and meet your physical goals such as reducing pain, improving your body's ability to function on a daily basis, and restoring or improving your athletic performance. We work with your health care team to help you reach your optimal physical potential by rehabilitating injuries and improving fitness.

Let our team of Physical Therapists help you regain an improved level of comfort and fitness through exercise, modalities, and orthopedic and manual therapy.

We provide services for a variety of diagnoses such as:

  • Overuse injuries related to computer, sport, work, hobby, or gardening activities
  • Back pain, neck pain including cervicogenic headaches
  • Injuries from any physical trauma or accident
  • Balance problems including fall prevention
  • Pre- and post-surgical therapy
  • Our West Chester office has specialists in Wound Care and Rehabilitation of Throwing Injuries

Serving Swarthmore, West Chester and their surrounding communities through friendly, compassionate and professional service with convenient hours, parking, and locations.